The added value is in the training

Working with us is not like working with any other training company.  Our entire focus is for you to squeeze every last drop of value from your IT systems.

First of all throw out everything you think you know about IT training companies. We’re not here to simply sell you training courses for the sake of it. It’s all about you and the results you need to maximise the effectiveness of your IT systems and the return on your IT investment.

We’ve all been on training courses where you’re given a nice certificate at the end of the course which goes up on the office wall and that’s pretty much it. Forget that, we’re exclusively about making sure the value of the benefits you get from the training we provide, exceed the cost.

That’s why all our training programmes are GUARANTEED to provide a benefit to cost ratio which will exceed the investment you make. There’s absolutely no point in upgrading your IT without giving your skill sets the same attention.

Also, we will not try to force you into a pre-packaged curriculum or delivery method but work with you to understand your specific business needs and develop a solution that’s right for you. Training should not be one-size-fits-all; your training needs are quite likely to be as unique as your business.

We believe training should not be passive, it requires the active involvement and attention to detail that comes from being interested in what you do and doing it well. Our tutors are all vastly experienced and bring a contagious energy and enthusiasm to the courses they run.

We offer an array of training suites taught by the best trainers around which can be delivered through multiple methods —from traditional classroom training to instructor-led training which combine online delivery and exercises regardless of your location. We also provide comprehensive and customisable training which can be tailored to meet your specific company objectives.

A Training Needs Analysis can also be provided which will accurately reflect the difference between the skills necessary to effectively perform essential business responsibilities and those possessed by your current staff.

The objective should be to increase employee efficiency and align it with your business objectives. You can then determine a measurable ROI against the cost of your training. We can also develop learning plans with you that boost employee effectiveness.

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